360° Leadership Brand Assessment

360° Leadership Brand Assessment

& delivering breakthrough results

The key to being an effective leader lies in developing a strong leadership brand. We have created our 360° Leadership Branding Assessment Platform (in conjunction with our Leader Archetype Assessment) to help you begin doing just that! The results of this assessment provide both a foundation and a sense of direction for leadership development. Your unique leadership brand is a combination of the following: 1.) Your Personal Core Values, 2.) Your Character and Personality Traits, and 3.) Your Interpersonal Communication Skills. Throughout our signature process, you will receive critical insight into your personal leadership brand, utilizing both self and peer evaluations to gain valuable feedback.

Your personal leadership brand, also known as your actual leadership brand is comprised of how you think you are being perceived as a leader (i.e. self-assessment) and how you are actually being perceived as a leader by others (i.e. peer assessments).

Our signature process includes multiple follow-up touchpoints over the course of 6 to 12 months to increase the likelihood of moving beyond evaluation to measurable actions and achievable outcomes. During this time, you will complete the 360° Leadership Brand Assessment twice, giving you the opportunity to identify any areas of improvement or changes in the report. At the end of each assessment period, you will receive a personalized report, a leadership development plan, and professional recommendations from Dr. Veronica Cochran and the L.I.F.E. Concepts team. This report will compare your self and peer evaluations in the following areas: 1.) Character and Personality Traits, 2.) Strengths and Weaknesses, and 3.) Interpersonal Communication. Doing so will better enable you to identify the gaps (in any area) between your actual and desired leadership brands.

At L.I.F.E. Concepts, we believe that everyone has the capability to lead and can learn to lead effectively. It is our belief that by discovering and developing your unique leadership brand you can optimize your performance and exceed expectations. Make the investment and discover your leadership brand today!

This evaluation process serves as the perfect complement to our signature course, Wired to Lead.



Improve Performance

Performance appraisals are required by many organizations. However, few provide a comprehensive and accurate view of both strengths and weaknesses. For leaders to perform at their highest potential, successful organizations consistently turn to feedback tools. The most reliable tool for collecting feedback is 360° feedback assessments, evaluating one's self-awareness based on confidential responses from peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders.

Increase Engagement

With only 30% of the U.S. workforce actively engaged in their work, ineffective managers can have a negative influence on individual motivational levels and team morale. In addition, these managers may cause problems beyond their sphere of influence. Leaders must learn to effectively do the following: provide vision, nurture skills and strengths, develop potential, inspire results, and motivate change.

Improve Retention

Leaders play a significant role in both the satisfaction and engagement of their direct reports and others. Giving employees an opportunity to provide feedback on their leaders will likely increase their sense of value and satisfaction, not to mention the impact of their leader's improved performance. Turnover can cost up to 150% of an employee’s annual salary or 200-250% of a leader's annual salary.

The Criticality of 360° Feedback

Imagine the overwhelm for the new leader, as organizations seek to promote employees based solely on accomplishments and achievements rather than potential. Unfortunately, without proper development and training, this often hinders their leadership effectiveness.

Our 360° Leadership Brand Assessment measures a variety of leadership competencies that can include decision-making, assertiveness, communicating, adaptability, accountability, and self-awareness. This critical feedback process helps leaders:

  • Raise their self-awareness through understanding the perspective of coworkers
  • Create action plans to guide learning, personal growth, and development where it will have the most impact
  • Empower colleagues and team members by acknowledging their needs and listening to their opinions
  • Foster a culture of accountability that values holding others accountable through constructive feedback

The Purpose:

To develop an awareness of how others perceive your actions, behaviors, character and personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, and interpersonal communication.

To utilize the assessment results, contextual examples, additional strengths, potential barriers, and personal recommendations to identify where development is needed.

To outline a measurable action plan that will better enable you to identify how to capitalize on your strengths, develop your weaknesses, and overcome your barriers.

To encourage an increase in ownership and accountability, by establishing the importance of taking responsibility for one's development, as well as the value of feedback.

“To expect meaningful changes to occur simply from the process of feedback without providing additional assistance and a supportive environment is naïve at best.”

- Frank Shipper


360° feedback provides leaders with a roadmap... guidelines on where or how to improve in a specific area. This better enables organizations to target specific training and development initiatives where they are needed most. While the assessment is a critical component of the 360° process, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Assistance in interpreting feedback, aligning goals, and creating individual development plans is equally important. To this end, we are committed to providing you with development tools and services throughout the 360° process to ensure that you have the correct tools on your journey towards development. Leaders who participate in developmental activities after receiving feedback are more likely to improve their performance than other leaders.

Our development plan includes:

  • Coaches (or Mentors) – assigned to each individual
  • Resources – development plans, online leadership development courses, assignments, or worksheets
  • Accountability – participants are held accountable for their development plans to ensure goal completion
  • Ongoing Support – we personally recommend the 360 process be repeated every 6 to 12 months so participants can measure progress and identify ongoing development opportunities.

At L.I.F.E. Concepts, our leadership development training provides organizations with the strategy, tools, and resources to improve the skills of all employees, especially entry-level leaders, emerging leaders, and high performers. Our training provides the perfect opportunity for leaders to address strengths and weaknesses, in turn, better enabling them to become the effective leader (whether formal or informal) they desire to be.

Ultimately, effective leadership is contagious, inspiring and motivating leadership potential in others, and our leadership development model is the solution to alleviating organizational issues related to leadership.

It is no secret that people are the most valuable asset in any company. Successful organizations continue to invest in the leadership development of their employees because they understand that it is vital to the success of their organization. Regardless of the size of the organization, development continues emerge as a top priority at all levels of an organization, from entry-line managers to high-level executives. Therefore, there is no substitute for effective leadership development, and our 360° process can provide organizations with a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Without people, there is no such thing as... leadership.