Dr. Alex Cochran

Dr. Alex Cochran, a co-founder of L.I.F.E. Concepts, serves as the Chief Financial Officer. He oversees all financial aspects of the business, while enthusiastically offering his experience, expertise, and assistance at any time in any other area. He represents the epitome of support, loyalty, and protection, ensuring everyone is taken care of and everything is running smoothly.

As both a veteran and retired police officer, Dr. Alex has been an exceptional role model for youth and adults alike. He is affectionately known as Officer Smiley or AC Smiley, a testament to his calm demeanor and friendly disposition.

Throughout his career as a police officer, he served as a detective and school resource officer, gaining over 20 years of experience in mentoring and empowering individuals. He also served as a liaison between the community and the police department, a role where he came to a greater understanding of the criticality of influence over position in the role of leadership. During his time as a school resource officer, Dr. Alex served as a mentor and coach for countless students. He has always had a passion for preparing youth and adults for the future. To this end, he demonstrates his commitment to fulfilling the mission and vision of L.I.F.E. Concepts.

Alexis Scales

Alexis Scales serves as the Chief Creative and Graphics Coordinator of L.I.F.E. Concepts. She likes to consider herself an analytical creative, evidenced by her attention to detail in both her writing and graphic design. Her innovation and efficiency have better enabled her to provide solutions that contribute to the overall success of L.I.F.E. Concepts, while exceeding the expectations of our clients and customers.

From training content and presentations to marketing campaigns and materials, Alexis is committed to the fulfillment of our mission and vision. Ambitious and task-oriented, Alexis is driven to gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to reach organizational outcomes and overcome organizational challenges and barriers in the face of both growth and change.

She is currently working towards her goal of becoming a life and leadership development coach. It is her life's mission to awaken others to their potential while bringing awareness and appreciation to both their present and presence.

Prior to working with L.I.F.E. Concepts, Alexis worked for a survey center at a healthcare organization, moving from a research assistant (with her background in Biology) to the Survey Center Coordinator, where she managed the development, design, implementation, coordination, reporting, and analysis of surveys that targeted company employees. She also received her Associate of Arts in Merchandising and Design from Wade College in 2014, with a concentration in fashion design. It was during this time that she began exploring her creative side in the world of graphic design.

It truly does take a village to bring forth a vision, and we would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the host of independent contractors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, visionaries, and volunteers who have helped us and continue to help us make our vision a reality. We couldn't have done this on our own.

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