Who Am I?

I received my Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Theology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. I was also awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Friends University, in recognition of the countless hours I have devoted to ministering and teaching.

Prior to launching L.I.F.E. Concepts, a unique leadership development company, I served a healthcare system as a Corporate Director and eventually one of their Vice Presidents. During my time supporting the organization's mission, vision, and values, I pioneered and aided in the development and implementation of key marketplace initiatives, healthcare industry standards, and best practices to ultimately improve health care delivery and patient loyalty.

I know, firsthand, the anxieties associated with stepping into an entry-level leadership role for the first time, along with the complex challenges that exist for executive leaders. With that being said, I quickly learned that one of the most important attributes of highly effective leaders is their willingness to learn. Over the last 20 years or more, I have had the opportunity and privilege to serve in a variety of managerial and executive leadership capacities. My success in each role came by way of development and determination, as well as a greater sense of both self-awareness and self-knowledge. While I had the qualifications and skills to lead, my success as a leader depended on my ability to constantly adapt to meet desired organizational outcomes and varying needs and expectations of a wide range of people. I learned to lead by experience with the guidance of some incredibly gracious mentors and advisors. After all this time, I am still convinced that learning to lead is a never-ending process.

Let me share with you what propelled me into this work. I have always had a passion for developing people and deep respect for human potential. The value of people and their potential served as a catalyst for what is not just considered my work but my life's purpose. I witnessed similar situations countless times, like old movie reruns, and here is what happened as a result...

  • I grew increasingly sensitive to the challenge of leaders to manage everything from expectations to development to goals, outcomes, and performance.
  • I watched frontline staff struggle to find the appropriate skills to make tough decisions (sometimes under pressure) while facing challenges on a daily basis. And finally...
  • I questioned why it seemed that good leaders often strained to be effective leaders once they were either moved to a "problem area" or promoted.

This performance gap seemed even wider for frontline staff and entry-level managers. As an observer, I noticed the arduous task effective leaders faced as they transitioned into new positions. The large majority were disillusioned and desperate for help. We once thought that strong leadership skills were only necessary at the top of our organizations. What if we were wrong? Effective leadership must be accessible at every organizational level, and I am sincerely committed to this end.

My leadership roles placed me in a position to serve as a mentor and advisor for a number of individuals, further unveiling my passion for developing others. It was this growing passion to see others recognize and reach their greatest leadership potential that fueled my desire to establish L.I.F.E. Concepts. It was my determination to make leadership development accessible to all, and not just those with formal titles or positions, that enabled me to develop tools and training modules to build leadership capability in individuals and organizations.

I sincerely believe that the absence of leadership can be linked to many of the problems we encounter today. I endeavor to make leadership a global imperative, cultural competence, and universal norm. I will do whatever I can to provide individuals and organizations with the steps and strategies from my proven signature process that will enable you to become the best leader you can be. I promise to be there to support you when you question your ability to lead effectively wherever you are in life. So lean in and trust the process... because "Leadership Is For Everyone..."

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