Your potential..

is your greatest asset, and it is my life's mission to help you discover and develop it.


LEAD with confidence.

Are you waiting for someone else to prioritize your development or are you ready to unlock future possibilities by discovering your potential?

Let me help you discover your potential and prioritize your own development.

You Can Lead Academy

An online platform designed to equip you to develop your leadership capability and learn to lead effectively. Get instant access to self-paced, interactive leadership development modules.


360 Leadership Brand

The key to being an effective leader lies in developing a strong leadership brand. Receive personalized insight and a report on your leadership brand, based on self-assessment and peer evaluations.

Executive Coaching

As an executive leadership coach, I work with individuals and organizations to establish and implement a systematic approach to leadership training and professional development.

Leadership Anyone...

A 30-Day Intensive Consciousness to Lead

What if I told you that I sincerely believe that "leadership is for everyone" and that you can lead from exactly where you are right now?

Leadership Anyone? is comprised of 30 leadership lessons. Each is designed to help you "put together" effective leadership methods, ultimately better enabling you to lead more effectively where you are in life.


Dr. Veronica on LIFE Concepts

The absence of leadership can be linked to many of the problems we encounter today. Dr. Veronica Cochran endeavors to make leadership a global imperative and universal norm. Over 25 years, she has served in a variety of leadership positions as a vital member of For-profit, Non-profit, and Ministerial Executive Leadership teams. Recognizing that leadership was often confined to formal leaders, Dr. Veronica came to the conclusion that countless people would not recognize their unique leadership potential. To that end, she developed a unique concept of leadership as a shared responsibility available to all. Dr. Veronica has a passion for developing leaders and believes that leadership development should be accessible to all, regardless of formal titles and positions. It is this passion that led to the founding of L.I.F.E. Concepts.


Leadership Is For Everyone.