Coaching is a process of discovery and development aimed at helping individuals overcome barriers on the path towards recognizing and reaching their highest leadership potential. Our coaching package is typically recommended after the completion of our signature course, Wired to Lead (Click here to learn more about Wired to Lead). As a reflective evaluation process, it offers keys insights and tremendous benefits both personally and professionally. Coaching is a valuable resource in one's journey to develop their unique leadership capability and expand their leadership capacity. It challenges participants to not only improve performance and increase accountability but to examine the impact of their mindset and internal thought processes on their overall success. Doing so often results in greater career satisfaction, increased initiative and opportunities, and more fulfillment.

It is our intent that each coaching session help individuals develop a plan of action to accomplish their goals, resolve issues/challenges, and increase their leadership capability. Our coaching sessions are meant to promote self-discovery, through guidance (not attempting to fix). To this end, our coaches will focus on the following :

  • Inquiring, not judging
  • Evaluating, not fixing
  • Developing, not correcting
  • Supporting, not controlling
  • Challenging, not attacking
  • Two-way dialogue, not one-way observation

Top 3 Aspects
...that contribute to employee satisfaction and engagement

A survey of 1,000 American workers and human resource professionals conducted by USATODAY.com and the American Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found the top three aspects that are “very important” to worker satisfaction are Job Security (65%), benefits (64%) and communication between employees and management (62%).

Job Security - 65%

Benefits - 64%

Communication - 62%
between employee and management


We typically recommend at least a four (4) to six (6) session commitment to monthly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, understanding that it takes time to establish new patterns of thought and practice. Coaching sessions take place in a virtual office for approximately fifty (50) minutes. All participants are asked to adequately prepare for each coaching session by completing assignments, preparing relevant questions and input, sending any additional, relevant document(s) you wish to address, as well as submitting the Consulting Session Prep Form prior to the scheduled meeting time. Each of these is critical to ensuring participants share their progress, including accomplishments and challenges, which will better enable us to offer participants the most value during this time.

It is our greatest desire that individuals leave these sessions feeling productive and empowered to lead in any area of life. As a coach, it is our job to help participants explore the opportunities, overcome life’s challenges, recognize self-imposed limitations, and re-frame limiting beliefs. Participants must be open to constructive criticism and willing to make difficult decisions. It is important to keep in mind that our motive is to enable each individual to be the leader they desire to become. We will always deliver our input and guidance thoughtfully and diplomatically, and we strive to be open to allowing participants to share anything that will help make the process more meaningful. While most sessions will address current challenges, opportunities, and roadblocks, participants have the ultimate control over what we discuss in the allotted timeframe.

We offer coaching packages for individuals, leadership teams, and executive leaders, in addition to an integrated coaching package which incorporates a combined coaching session for leader-partners.


Our coaching model has better enabled individuals to recognize their unique capability to lead, address self-limiting beliefs, overcome external and internal roadblocks, take the initiative, face change and uncertainty, and embrace new opportunities. As the framework for each coaching session, we work to explore individual strengths, difficult situations, desired goals, next steps, and any additional support needed.

To get the most out of our coaching model, we highly recommend that you take our I Can Lead Quiz if you haven't already to determine your Leader Archetype (Take the quiz now!). It will give you greater insight into your unique leadership style (i.e. how you lead). We also recommend that you sign up for our 360° Leadership Brand Assessment Program, which will provide valuable insight from outside perspectives, better enabling our coaching sessions to focus on closing the gap between your actual and desired leadership brand (Click here to learn more about our 360° Leadership Brand Assessment).

"Humility is... accepting the possibility that someone else knows something about me that I don't know myself."


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